Pjo Big Bang 2014 Feeback form


A bit belated but the PJO Big bang for 2014 is now over!

It was an amazing experience for us admins running it, especially in August when we got to enjoy all you amazing work! Personally I’m still reading through the works! The writers and artists worked really hard on all their works and should be congratulated on a job well done!

If you participated in the bang or simply enjoyed the works please fill out this feedback form, it will only take you 5 mins. This will help us gauge how the bang was run this year and how to make improvements for next year!

PJO Big Bang 2014 Feedback Form

Please reblog and let everyone know to fill out the form if they participated or enjoyed the big bang! This goes out especially to the writers and Artists!

Some house keeping:

An archive of the works published this year will be made for you to browse through by the end of September as well as some statistics about participation this year for anyone that likes to compare numbers like our Admin Lilly.

The reverse bang is being moved to October through to December as Blood of Olympus will be released early October and we’ll all probably be sobbing our eyes out or tearing the book apart in rage. And it’s probably best not to bother the fandom during this hard time :)

done :)


What if you could pick one actor or actress right now and your next movie would be with that person, who would you choose? x


@danedehaan  May 9  Welcome to twitter @jes_chastain!! 
@jes_chastain  May 10 @danedehaan thank you!! Can’t wait to see your mad acting skills in Spider Man
@danedehaan “@jes_chastain: @danedehaan thank you!! Can’t wait to see your mad acting skills in Spider Man” image
@danedehaan 10h
Can’t wait to see @jes_chastain in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby… 
wHoSe WItH Me?!?!

nick bateman by emmanuel monsalve


nick bateman by emmanuel monsalve


Like nothing's changed. Not true, of course. Everything's changed.